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Dance & Music Classes In Kolkata

Dance and music have been a consequential part of Bangla ceremony, rituals, celebrations and regalement. The resplendency of West Bengal lies in its colorful variety and vibrant shades of folk dances, which are numerous in number and distinctive in style. Each form varies according to the local tradition and ethnicity of the respective geographic regions.

Famous Dance Class of Kolkata

Cultural extravaganzas in Kolkata binds one with the spirit spread by Rabindranath Tagore, Uday Shankar, Jamini Roy and Satyajit Ray. Indian classical, Hindustani or Carnatic and the lighter ghazals are the traditional music which give divine pleasure to the people of Kolkata. Apart from these, the city organizes several musical concerts of contemporary singers and dancers. Each dance form weaves an intricate rhythm expressing the love and manifestation of Indian heritage enacting myths and stories idealized by the dancer.This city has given birth to the most famous and legendary singers like Kishore Kumar, RD Burman, Anup Ghoshal, Manna Dey, Sandhya Mukherjee, Ruma Guha Thakurta,;Hemanta Mukherjee,;Shyamal Mitra and many more to count.

The Calcutta School of Music was established in 1915 by Phillipe Sandre and holds the pride of being as one of the leading musical institutes of India. It has trained the musicians in all kind of music from Indian Classical Music to Western Classical Music.The Calcutta School of Music in one hand emphasizes on the proper teaching of musical subjects and on the other hand organizes orchestral,solo music training, live concerts at regular intervals to boost the talent of the students. In 1975, the Faculty of Indian Music and Dance was inaugurated by the great maestro of Indian music Pandit Ravi Shankar.

India goes global and so does Kolkata treads in the rein. The cultural Heritage of Kolkata rejuvenates various states of the art and offers an umbrella of dance classes for the inquisitive minds. With the varied new forms adopted by Indian youngsters, dance and music has taken a leap adopting the technicality of western art forms. The city provides a platform for western dance styles like Salsa, Samba, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive, Jazz, Hip-Hop, & many more.

Apart from Calcutta School of Music there are several other music and dance schools in Kolkata providing the best available musical and dance training to the upcoming talents.

Popular Dance and Music Schools in Kolkata:

Dance and Music in Kolkata

The Calcutta School of Music
Address: 6B Sunny Park, Kolkata-700019,
West Bengal, INDIA.
Phone : 91 33 2461 5375
Email :

Krish Dance Academy
Address:16, Anjuman Ara Begum Row,
Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata
Landmark: Next To Kalabagn Park
Phone: 9230243095
Dance Lessons: Kathak and traditional dance classes for children ages 3 to 13

Saroj Khan Dance Academy
Address:1/378, Patuli Township, Ground Floor, Block-E,
Baishnabghata, Kolkata- 700094, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Welland Gouldsmith School
Phone: 9062833979, 9570707272
Dance Lessons: Bollywood, Salsa, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary

Peddros's Salsateca

Address: 22/1, Gol Park Junction, Gariahat,
Ballygunge, Kolkata
Landmark: Near Mouchak, Above Ganguram Sweet Shop
Phone: 9007199986, 9163708406
Dance Lessons: Authentic Latin Dance Forms

Padatik Dance World
Address: 6/7A, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road,
Circus Avenue, Kolkata
Landmark:Near Shakespeare Sarani Crossing
Phone: 03322896028, 9830024927
Dance Lessons: Western, Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Jive, Kathak

Danceguru Suman's Salsa, Ballroom & Latin Dance Class

Address: 1B, Judges Court Road, Tiny Tots School Building,
Alipore, Kolkata
Landmark: Near Shakespeare Sarani Crossing
Phone: 03322896028, 9830024927
Dance Lessons: Western, Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Jive, Kathak

Bani Chakra Music and Dance Training College
Address: 51/7, Roy Bahadur Road, Behala, Kolkata
Landmark: Behind Balanandu Hospital
Phone: 03324464478

Twist n Turns
Address: 15B Earle Street, Bus Stop Sarat Bose Road & Hazra Road Crossing,
Ballygunge, Kolkata
Landmark: Maddox Square
Phone: 03340048968, 9831018015
Dance Lessons: Western

Buoyant Performing Arts, Park Street
Address: Main Road, Park Street, Kolkata
Landmark: Above Mcdonalds
Phone: 9674979277, 9748841699
Dance Lessons: Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Bollywood, Contemporary, Ballet

Anurag's Dance Centre

Address: M 10, Kali Krishna Tagore Street, Ground floor,
Near Bekunthnath Temple, Burrabazar, Kolkata
Landmark: Near Ganesh Talkies
Phone: 9831201600
Dance Lessons: Salsa, Instrumental Singing etc

Nritya Bharati, Bhowanipur
Address: 2, Indra Roy Road, Indira Cinema Hall,
Bhowanipur, Kolkata
Landmark: In Indira Cinema Hall, Bhowanipur
Dance Lessons: Kathak incorporates Jaipur gharana's style of speed and power and Lucknow gharana's style and beauty.

Lalit Kala, Salt Lake
Address: Block-CF123, Sector-1, Bidhan Nagar, Salt Lake, Kolkata
Landmark: Near Salt Lake Swimming Pool
Phone: 03323370189, 9331017871
Dance Lessons: Indian,Western

Studio Vishal
Address: 96.2A, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata
Landmark: Near Lansdowne Hazra Crossing Opp Cafe Coffee Day
Phone: 09830065083
Dance Lessons: Salsa, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock and Roll

Santaly's Dance Institute
Address: 162C/522A Prince Anwar Shah Road( Lake Gardens) Kolkata
Landmark: Near Lake Gardens, Syndicate Bank.
Phone:033 2417 5516
Dance Lessons: Salsa , Cha Cha Cha , Jazz , Rhumba , Jive , Tango , Hip Hop , Bollywood Freestyle and Kathak , Bharatnatyam

Sonata Dancers Guild

Address: 10C, Paddapukur Road,
Kolkata- 700020, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Jadu Babur Bazaar
Phone: (033) 24546952
Dance Lessons: Salsa, Belly Dance, Ballet, Ball Room Dance, Latin, American

Dance N Art
Address: 181/3, Canal Street, Lake Town,
Kolkata- 700048, West Bengal
Landmark Near Bajaj Showroom
Phone: 9830534060
Dance Lessons: Hip Hop, Bollywood Dance, Salsa, Belly Dance, Jazz

The Expression Dance Academy
Address: 8/4, Sarat Pally, Belgharia, Kolkata- 700056, West Bengal
Landmark: Near State Bank Of India – ATM
Phone: 9681179497
Dance Lessons: Jazz, Salsa, Bollywood Dance, Classical, Folk Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Free Style

Kalpansa Music World

Address: Block-AG5, Sector-2, Bidhan Nagar (Salt Lake),
Kolkata- 700091, West Bengal
Landmark:Near Baishakhi Island
Phone:(033) 23593195, (033) 23593241
Dance Lessons: Bharatanatyam, Katthak, Belly Dance

Address:92-E, Patwari House, 4th Floor, Alipur Road,
Kolkata- 700027, West Bengal
Landmark:Near Sikkim Manipal University
Phone:(033) 65648922
Dance Lessons: Hip Hop, Freestyle, Contemporary, Bollywood, Jazz, Samba, Salsa, Ballet, Belly Dance, Break Dance, House

Happy Hours

Address: AMP Mall, 112/G, 8th Floor, Salt Lake,
Kolkata- 700064, West Bengal
Landmark:In AMP Mall
Phone: 9830227778, 9874072126
Dance Lessons: Hiphop Dance, Street Dance, Afro Jazz, Bollywood, Broadway Jazz, Jazz And Hip Hop

Dance Darbar
Address: 298-D Bagmari Road, Kankurgachi,
Kolkata- 700054, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Bagmari Villa
Phone: 9830751498
Dance Lessons: Classic Dance, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Belly Dance, Salsa

Shinning Gems
Address:184, Orchid Plaza Building, 1st Floor, Rajarhat Road,
Kolkata- 700157, West Bengal
Landmark:Near Baba Lokenath Mandir
Phone: 9331948811
Dance Lessons: Classical, Bollywood Aerobics, Salsa
Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Drum, Flute

TAAL Institute
Address: 15, Yashoda Bhawan-2, 4th Floor, Rash Behari Avenue, Gariahat,
Kolkata- 700019, West Bengal
Landmark: Near Syndicate Bank
Phone: 9903461734, 9339791765
Dance Lessons: Jazz, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa

West Bengal State Music Academy

Address: 36, Prince Anwar Shah Road,
Kolkata- 700033
Phone : 033-24731851

West Bengal State Academy of Dance, Drama, Music and Arts

Address: Rabindra Bharati University,
D. N. Tagore Lane, Kolkata -700007

Ajitesh Natya Academy
Address: A-5/6, Labony Estate Salt Lake City,
Sector I, Kolkata -700064

Uday Shankar India Cultural Centre (Amala Shankar)
Address: Apt 10 A, Jayjayanti 2, Mandeville Gardens
Kolkata 700019
Phone : 033-24405062

Ali Akbar College of Music
Address: 29-B, Harish Mukherjee Road,
Kolkata -700026

Address: P-108, Raja Basanth Roy Road
Phone : 033-24664719

Address:55/D Shyampukur Street, Kolkata 700004

Bani Chakra Music and Dance Training College
Address: 95/1-A, Rashbihari Avenue,
Kolkata -700029
Phone : 033-24634208

Calcutta Cultural Centre
Address:8, Puramchand Nahar Avenue
Kolkata -700013
Phone : 033-22441022

Chandril Academy of Dance & Music
Address:9/14, Fern Road, Kolkata -700019
Phone : 033-24407187

Childrens Little Theatre
Address: Aban Mahal Gariahat Road
Kolkata -700029
Activities : Music, Dance, and Drama


Address: 1, Deshapriya Park West,
Kolkata -700026
Phone : 033-24641111

Dancer's Guild (Manjushree Chaki-Sircar)
Address: EC-49, Salt Lake, Sector 1
Kolkata - 700064
Phone : 033-23370987

Durga Prasdee Sangeet Vidyalaya

Address: Kanan Sen 123/5A, Raja Dinendra Street
Kolkata - 700004
Phone : (033) - 25551714

Address: 17/1A, R R K St, Kolkata - 700006
Phone : 033-25558418

Address: 107 A, Ripon Street
Kolkata - 700016

Address: 66-E, Southend Park
Kolkata - 700029
Phone : 033-24664066

Kala Bhawan (Girija Murali)

Address: 58/83/1A Prince Anwar Shah Rd,
Kolkata - 700045
Phone : 033-24735814

Kalamandalam Calcutta (Thankamani & Govindan Kutty)
Address: 3, Dover Lane
Kolkata -700029
Phone : 033-24641865/24754338

Lake City Centre for Art & Culture

4ra, 6/2g, Purbachal Housing Estate
Salt Lake City Kolkata 700091

Mallhar (Institute for Music, Dance & Art)

Address: 4, Sambhunath Pandit Street, Kolkata 700020
and 22/1 Gariahat Road, Kolkata 700019
Phone : 033-2223-9610/2223-4601

Address: Flat 3-A/15, Mayfair Road
Kolkata 600019

Mitrayan (Amitava & Mahua Mukherjee)

Address: 6, Sen Para, Garfa Jadavpur,
Kolkata - 700075
Phone : 033-24722402

North Kolkata Panorama

Address: 55b, Abhedananda Road
Kolkata 700006

Nritya Kutira (Anjana Banerjee)
Address: 13/2C, Palm Avenue
Kolkata 700019
Phone : 033-22475893/24747745

Padatik Dance Centre
Address: 6/7, A J C Bose Road
Kolkata 700017
Phone : 033-22404426/2247608

Rabi Tirtha
Address: 37, Parasar Road,
Kolkata 700029
Phone : 033-24662589

Salt Lake Cultural Association
Address: Ad-306, Salt Lake City
Kolkata 700064

Sangeet Research Academy
Address: 1, N S C Bose Road, Regent Park,
Kolkata 700040
Phone : 033-24810559

Samskritiki Shreyaskar
Address: 1-W, 312, Jodhpur Park
Phone : 033-24733851

Sapphire Creations
Address: CF80 Salt Lake
City Kolkata 700064
Phone : 033-23370665

Shankar Kathak Centre (Vijai Shankar)
Address: AB 150, Sector 1 Salt Lake City
Kolkata 700064
Phone : 033-23346716

Shibaranjani School of Dance

Address: 3B, 4 Turf Road
Kolkata 700025

Sur Bahar
Address: 4, Ruby Park
Kolkata 700 078

Address: 28 Avinash Kaviraj St,
Kolkata 700005
Phone : 033-25308404

Surageeti Music College
Address: 103 Keshab Ch Sen St,
Kolkata 700009
Phone : 033-23503354

Surer Maya Sangeet Samaj

Address: 180 Rai Bahadur Rd,
Kolkata 700034
Phone : 033-24782542

Address: 26 Biplobi Pulin Das St,
Kolkata 700009
Phone : 23505711

The Kolkata Ensemble

Address: 11/1, Richie Road Kolkata 700019

Udayan (Magmata Shankar)
Address: 21-A, Hindustan Road, Kolkata - 700029
Phone : 033-24643251/24640618

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