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Famous Games and Sports of Kolkata

Games and entertainment is part of human nature and over generations you find that each city and culture will generate and develop games distinct to their region. The games are also noted to adapt to an area’s natural geography making them unique to the region. Kolkata being a coastal city it’s only natural to find the regions games closely linked to the ocean and other natural habitat in the surrounding areas. Games like swimming and spear finishing are traditional to societies living in close proximity to the water bodies since they are day to day practices which most residents have perfected. While some can be perfected through practice others remain based purely on luck making them more interesting and less practicable.

Swimming in Kolkata

Traditional Sports of Kolkata

Many residents of Kolkata are avid swimmers. Reason Kolkata being on the banks of Hoogly river acts as a perfect venue to learn swimming. In recent years many clubs have emerged in the city that offers short and long term swimming courses. Year around swimming competition have further encouraged residents to take to this watersport and improve their ability to swim. It may have attracted many people looking to win the main prize but the competitions have an important significant to the residents who can perfect the skills and save their lives in case of an accident occurs while out at water bodies.

The Calcutta Swimming Club
Address: 1, Strand Road, Kolkata: 700 001
Ph.No.:+91-33- 2248-2894/95
Fax :+91-33- 2242-0854

Spearing Fishing in Kolkata

Water sports in Kolkata

Fishing is very important industry in Kolkata and it has been for centuries whereby the industry has supplied fish as food to the residents. This meant in the past it was the main industry and this lead to major competitions being set up among the different fishermen and communities around Kolkata. Since fishing competitions cannot be predicted the completions have been noted to attract more and more fans that are attracted to the thrill on not being able to pin point a winner. This makes the competition totally unpredictable which is very important when one want to retain excitement among the fans. The fishing competitions differ with some being held with the use of fishing nets while for individuals competitors use traditional spear guns to catch fish and the winner is pronounced as being the one who captures the largest number of fish. One can find many youth along the shores of Hoogly river trying their luck.

Boat Race in Kolkata

Boat races in Kolkata

Once again the traditional game is closely linked to the geographical location and Kolkata being a coastal city you find the boat races being another traditional sport in and around the city’s water ways and lagoons. Boat races are split in two categories differentiated by the number of number of people on the boat. They are mainly held in logoons where speculators and fans can come and encircle the lagoon to watch the races. Besides regional sport you find that the Kolkata residents have also adapted to several European sports such as gold, hock and football which are plays in the city.

Golf in Kolkata

Golf is one of the most popular games amongst the elite section of Kolkata. One can find various golf clubs across Kolkata which can serve as a perfect venue to learn this very famous outdoor game. Royal Calcutta Golf Club is an 18 whole golf course and is the oldest golf club in India. The golf club was first established in 1829. It is also the first golf course to be set up outside Britain. The golf club has a 73.6 to 72.1 rating which is considerably high for golf course outside Britain. Tollygunge Golf Club and Calcutta Ladies Golf Club are another two famous golf clubs of Kolkata.

Golf in Kolkata

Royal Calcutta Golf Club
Address:18 Golf Club Road, Tollygunge
Kolkata 700 033, India
Phone:033 2473 1352

Tollygunge Golf Club
Address:120, Deshapran Sasmal Road, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700033, Tollygunge Golf Club, Tollygunge, Kolkata, West Bengal 700040
Phone:033 2473 2316
Fax No. 033 2473-1903

Calcutta Ladies Golf Club
Office: Annapurna Building
12 A, Lord Sinha Road, Kolkata -700071
6th Floor, Flat No. 605
Post Box No. 9222
Phone:(033) 2282 6668/2678
Fax:(033) 2282 6668

Club House:Casurina Avenue, Maidan
Kolkata – 700071
Phone: (033) 2704 0323

Football in Kolkata

Unlike most other cities Kolkata has a wonderful football field known as the Yuva Bharati stadium which is used to hold state football club matches and especially finals. This is a fully fledged Football stadium which has 120,000 seats and can hold up to 122,000 people watching a match. Kolkata is among few Indian states which promote football as a state sport and promoting the development of state owned sport facilities like the football stadium to host the important matches. Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are two famous sports clubs of Kolkata.

Football in Kolkata

Mohun Bagan Athletics Club
Address: Opposite Eden Garden, Fort William, Kolkata - 700021
Contact: (033) 22481634

East Bengal Club
Address: Maidan Tent, Fort William, Kolkata - 700021
Contact: (033) 22484642

Mohammedan Sporting Club
Maidan, Esplanade. Kolkata-700 069
Phone- 2248-3194

United Sports Club
33/8,N.K. Ghoshal Road. Kolkata - 700038
Phone - 00-91-33-32000785 / 32992825

Regional sports are closely linked to the regions tradition and culture making the majority of regional sports unique to a certain area. It’s important for local cultures to maintain and promote their sports thus ensuring they are not lost to modernization. Many Indian societies are experiencing younger generation loosing interest in their own culture. Thankfully Kolkata has preserved and developed its traditional sports in an unique way and the carze be seen amongst youth of the day in the city.

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