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Jain Temple In Kolkata

Tucked within a bye lane of North East Kolkata, is a Jain sanctuary which is a mesmerizing blend of exquisiteness, elegance and grandeur. A jaunt to this metropolis is rather unfinished without a visit to the beautiful temple complex. Situaed in Manicktala, the avenue is acknowledged as the Badridas Temple Street as the place is an abode for Pareshnath Jain Temple. Jain temples are renowned for being the extremely bejeweled temples in India and the Pareshnath Jain Temple in Kolkata is a glaring example to testify the same.

Pareshnath Jain Temple

Address: Badridas Temple Street, Manicktala.
Timings: 6 am to 11 am
3 pm to 7 pm on all days

Jain Temples in Kolkata

The complex is subdivided into 4 temples:
  • Shitalnath Ji Temple
  • Chandraprabhu Ji temple
  • Mahavir Swami Temple,and;
  • Dadawadi

Shitalnath Ji Temple

The main shrine is devoted to Mulnayak, Shitalnath Bhagwan the tenth of all twenty four Jain Tirthankaaras (Avtaars).

This temple was constructed by an art connoisseur Marwari Shrimal Jain named Seth Badridas in 1867. An art aficionado with a striking vision, according to the Glimpses of Bengal, published in 1905, he himself was the designer and architect of this adorable temple.The idol of Lord Shitalnathji is bejeweled with gemstones and silver. His diamond studded forehead attracts the eyes of every tourists visiting the temple. The other idols are finished with ruby, emerald and other precious gemstones .

Paresnath Temple

There is a interesting tale which states that Rai Badridas earned fortunes through his Gems and Jewellery trade in Kolkata and purchased a land in Manicktala, with an aspiration to build a splendid house with all extravagance. While he expressed his wish to his mother she cautioned him that such luxury shall distance him from God. His mother Shrimati Khushal Devi, an ascetic and spiritual women sought her son to construct a Temple. Rai Badridas was a dedicated son and contented his mothers wish through this gorgeous piece of design. The then British rule in the country built a huge decorative entrance on the A.P.C. Road that guide to the street where the shrine is located. The Pratishtha was done by Sri Kalyansurishwarji Maharaj .Within the sanctum sanctorum, there is a lamp which has been incessantly burning ever since the temple's inception. The Mookim family, the present successors of Rai Badridas, administers the temple and carries out adornment, landscape and renovation works on a regular basis.

Chandraprabhu Ji Temple

Dedicated to Mulnayak Chandraprabhuswami Bhagwan, the temple is placed opposite to the main entrance of Shitalnathji Temple and seems to be ignored. It was constructed by Ganeshlal Kapoor Chand Jahar in 1895. Behind these are some quarters for the priests and their families.

Mahavir Swami Temple

This is devoted to Bhagwan Sri Mahavir Swami who was a contemporary of Lord Buddha. This sanctuary is linked to Dada Bari by a large gate. Although it encompasses a small area, its interiors are elegantly decorated with multihued tiles and the interior is adorable with stones and mirrors.

Dadawadi(Dada Bari) : The Original Temple

This is the ancient structure which was build about two centuries ago and lies on the right side of Shitalnath Ji Temple. It contains the footprints of Jain Acharya Jin Dutt Kushal Suri, and is an acclaimed place of meditation among Jains. The liveliest amongst the four temples, it’s a fine-looking marble construction with pillared gallery on all sides and a wide porch on the face and rear. It’s a serene sight indeed to see many disciples meditating. This is a larger complex and houses residence for the priests and the Jain Dharamshala. All spiritual gathering are frequently conducted here. One can spend fruitful time sitting close to the periphery of the water body looking the beautiful swans floating in the free flowing water.

The prettiness of temple is enhanced by mirrors and colored stones. Thirteen marble steps escort to an elegant veranda. Pleasing palm trees mount in the midst of this eye-catching complex of four Jain shrines craft a glory setting where placid streams, flanked by rows of orange marigolds. Dating from nineteenth century, these graceful holy places are renowned for their distinctive ornamentation. Fluted pillars, exquisite curving arches, and conical towers are engraved with a multicolored collection of mosaic motifs and miniature mirrors.

The interiors of the shrine are fabulously fine-looking, along with the outdoors, which are bounded with astonishingly colored flower gardens and fountains. There is a small watercourse flowing through it, which also has startling assortment of flowers all around it. The fountains appear sparkling when water gushes out of them in ideal synchronization. Multicolored fishes cloud the surface of the shimmering water . The flooring of the shrine is richly tiled with marble that gives it a cheerful look and also a mark of purity. Take time to saunter around the gorgeous garden,and relax awhile on the beautiful iron benches at the temple complex.

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