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Burning Ghats and Burial Grounds In Kolkata

According to Hinduism and other Indian inception religions like Sikhism, Buddhism and ;Jainism mandate cremation as according to the religion the body is optically discerned as an instrument to carry the soul. The act of eradicating the corpse by fire is to induce a feeling of detachment into the freshly disembodied spirit. According to Hinduism, a Hindu has 16 rites of passage (Samskara) meaning a Hindu undergoes 16 rituals during their lifetime wherein cremation is referred to as antim-sanskara, betokening "the last rites." The cremation ground, traditionally located near a river is called Shmashana (in Sanskrit) wherein a pyre a prepared on which the corpse is laid with its feet facing southwards. The chief mourner conventionally the elder son walks around the pyre three times sprinkling water and ghee and then lights a diminutive fire in the deceased mouth (much-aagni) followed by lighting the pyre with a flaming torch.

Burning Ghats in Kolkata

The commencement of the cremation heralds the commencement of the traditional mourning period, which customarily ends on the morning of the 13th day. The mortal remains (ashes) are then immersed in a river or in one of the holy river (Haridwar, Brahmaputra, Sri Rangam, Varanasi) in a concrete date after the mourning period. Thereafter, the soul is worshiped during the 'sraddha' ceremonies. However due to urbanization open air cremations are becoming less frequent these days and there are crematoriums with an indoor electric or gas predicated furnaces in major cities.In Kolkata you can find many crematoriums and burning Ghats.These burning ghats have served Kolkata since time immemorial and constitute an important part of the city life. Kolkata Municipal Corporation looks after the maintenance of the crematoriums and burning ghats in the city. Some of the crematoriums and burning ghats in the city of Kolkata are listed below.

Crematoriums and Burning Ghats In Kolkata

Shanagar Burning Ghat

Address: 113,Tollygunge Road,Kolkata-700026
Contact: 24666602

Nimtola Burning Ghat

Address:2p,Strand Bank Road,Kolkata-6

Sri Ramkrishna Mahasmasan Burning Ghat

Address:5-Chandra Kumar Roy lane,Kolkata - 700036

Kashimitra Burning Ghat

Address:1-Stand Bank road,Kolkata-700006

Garia Adi Mahasansan Burning Ghat

Address:138, Boral Main Road, Kolkata - 84

Sirity Burning Ghat

Address:B.L.Saha Road, Kolkata - 41

Birjunala Burning Ghat

Address:Z-20,Lenin Road,Kolkata - 44

Burial Grounds in Kolkata

The religion Islam however stringently enjoins cremation in the believe that the human body must be treated with reverence both while alive and when dead and thus they have different treatment of the corpse. They believe in burial of the body. Similarly Christians also believe in burial and so you can find burial grounds in almost every part of India. In Kolkata burial grounds are maintained by civic authorities in coordination with the representatives of religious bodies. Some of the burial grounds in the city of Kolkata are listed below.

Muslim Burial Grounds In Kolkata

Bagmari Muslim Burial Ground

Address:52, Bagmari Road. Kolkata-700 054

Gobra Muslim Burial Ground

Address:20, Mohendra Roy Lane. Kolkata- 700 046

Soloana Muslim Burial Ground

Address:70/E/1, Ekbalpur Road. Kolkata- 700 023

Garden Reach Muslim Burial Ground

Address:608,Slaughter House Road.Garden Reach, Kolkata - 700024

Mohammedan Burial Ground

Address: 1, Rai Charan Pal Lane, Tiljala. Kolkata-700 046.

Mohammedan Burial Ground

Address: 20, M. Nath Roy Lane, Tiljala Ext.. Kolkata-700 046

Mohammedan Burial Ground

Address: 20, Old Ballygunge Road, Old Ballygunge. Kolkata-700 019

Mohammedan Burial Ground

Address: Ballygunge Circular Road, Ballygunge. Kolkata-700 019

Mohammedan Burial Ground

Address: 1, R. R. Mitra Road. Kolkata-700 010

Mohammedan Burial Ground (Gor-I-Ghorisban)

Address: 32, G. Goristhan Road. Kolkata-700 046

Mohammedan Burial Ground (Kamdar Khan's)

Address: 24, Alipore Road. Kolkata-700 027

Mohammedan Burial Ground (MAKBARA-I-AAM)

Address: 52, Bagmari Road. Kolkata-700 054

Mohammedan Burial Ground (Shahar Bangla)

Address: K. Chatterjee Road. Kolkata-700 002

Mohammedan Burial Ground (Solo Ana)

70/A, Ekbalpore Road. Kolkata-700 023

Christian Burial Grounds in Kolkata

Christian Burial Ground

Address: Mullick Bazar, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata

Armenian Burial Ground

Address:1, South Tangra Road. Kolkata-700 015

Armenian Burial Ground

Address: 1 & 2, Armenian Street. Kolkata-700 001.

Christian Burial Ground

Address: 184, A. J. C. Bose Road (Lower Circular Road). Kolkata-700 017

Christian Burial Ground

Address: 169, Beliaghata Main Road. Kolkata-700 010

Christian Burial Ground

Address: 3, Harobas Road, Ekbalpur. Kolkata-700 023

Christian Burial Ground (Church Miss.SOC)

Address: 259, A. P. C. Road. Kolkata-700 006

Christian Burial Ground (Military)

Address: 2, Bhowanipur Road. Kolkata-700 027

Christian Burial Ground (Roman Catholic)

Address: 22, Convent Road. Kolkata-700 014

Christian Burial Ground (Scottish)

Address: 3, Kareya Road. Kolkata-700 017

Chinese Burial Grounds in Kolkata

Chinese Burial Ground

Address: 3, Meherali Lane. Kolkata-700 017

Chinese Burial Ground

Address: 3, Kulia Tangra 3rd Lane. Kolkata-700 015

Chinese Burial Ground

Address: 12, New Tangra Road. Kolkata-700 046

Chinese Burial Ground

Address: 6/1, Tangra 2nd Lane. Kolkata-700 046

Chinese Burial Ground (Choong Dong)

Address: 98, D.Chandra Dey Road. Kolkata-700 015

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