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Kolkata Important Links

Kolkata, the city of joy is capital city of West Bengal deemed as one of the largest metropolitan city of the country. With the gush of development and opportunity for amplified prospects, the State Government of West Bengal has positioned abundant institutions, associations and business entities for healthier and smooth control of the city. Listed here are website addresses of some of the important government offices and trade bodies operating in Kolkata.

Kolkata Important links

Raj Bhavan
E-Mail: secy-gov-wb@nic.in , governor-wb@nic.in

Chief Minister's Office
E-Mail: cm_wb@nic.in

Agriculture Marketing Department
Website: www.wbagrimarketingboard.gov.in
E-Mail: micagri@wb.gov.in

Animal Resources Development
Website: www.wbard.gov.in
E-Mail: micard@wb.gov.in

Backward Classes Welfare Department
Website: www.anagrasarkalyan.gov.in
E-Mail: micbcw@wb.gov.in

Biotechnology Department
Website: www.biotechbengal.gov.in
E-Mail: debesh@wb.gov.in, debeshd@hotmail.com, ddebesh@yahoo.co.in

Civil Defence Department
Website: www.westbengal.gov.in

Co-operation Department
Website: https://coopwb.in/
E-Mail: miccop@wb.gov.in

Commerce and Industries Department
Website: https://w-bindustries.com
E-Mail:  info@w-bindustries.com

Consumer Affairs Department
Website: www.wbconsumers.gov.in
E-Mail: miccons@wb.gov.in

Development and Planning Department
Website: http://wbpspm.gov.in

Disaster Management Department
Website: https://ndma.gov.in
E-Mail: micrelief@wb.gov.in

Department of Environment
Website: www.environmentwb.gov.in

Excise Department
Website: https://excise.wb.gov.in/
E-Mail: dcit.wb-excise@nic.in

Finance Department
Website: www.wbfin.nic.in
E-Mail: micfinance@wb.gov.in

Fire and Emergency Services Department
Website: www.wb.gov.in
E-Mail: micfireservices@wb.gov.in

Fisheries Department
Website: www.wbsfdc.com
E-Mail: micfisheries@wb.gov.in

Food and Supplies Department
Website: https://wbpds.gov.in
E-Mail: micfs@wb.gov.in

Food Processing Industries and Horticulture Department
Website: www.wbfpih.gov.in
E-Mail:  aikat.j@gov.in

Forest Department
Website: www.westbengalforest.gov.in
E-Mail: micforest@wb.gov.in

Health and Family Welfare Department
Website: www.wbhealth.gov.in
E-Mail: michealth@wb.gov.in

Higher Education Department
E-Mail: michighedu@wb.gov.in

Hill Affairs Department
E-Mail: cm@wb.gov.in

Home (Defence) Department
Website: www.wb.gov.in
E-mail : cm@wb.gov.in

Housing Department
Website: www.wbhousingboard.in
E-mail : michousing&phe@wb.gov.in

Industrial Reconstruction (IR) Department
E-mail : micindustry@wb.gov.in

Information & Cultural Affairs Department
Website: www.westbengal.gov.in
E-mail :cm@wb.gov.in

Information Technology Department
Website: www.itwb.org
E-mail: debesh@wb.gov.in, debeshd@hotmail.com, ddebesh@yahoo.co.in

Irrigation Department
Website : www.wbiwd.gov.in/index2.htm
E-mail : mic@wbiwd.gov.in

Department of Jails
Website: www.westbengalcorrectionalservices.org

Judicial Department
Website: www.westbengal.gov.in
E-mail: micjudicial@wb.gov.in

Labour Department
Website: www.wblwb.org
E-mail: miclabour@wb.gov.in

Land and Land Reforms Department
Website: http://nicwb.nic.in/
E-mail : micir@wb.gov.in

Law Department
Website : www.banglarmukh.com
E-mail : micjudicial@wb.gov.in

Mass Education Extension Department
Website: www.wbpublibnet.gov.in

Micro &Small Scale Enterprises & Textiles Department
Website: www.mssewb.org
E-mail : miccssi@wb.gov.in

Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education Department
Website: www.wbmadrasahdte.gov.in
E-mail: cm@wb.gov.in

Municipal Affairs Department
Website: www.wbdma.gov.in
E-mail : Email: micma@wb.gov.in

Panchayat and Rural Development Department
Website: www.wbprd.gov.in
E-mail: micprd@wb.gov.in

Parliamentary Affairs Department
Website: www.westbengal.gov.in
E-mail: micexcise@wb.gov.in

Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs
Website: www.pupwb.org

Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
Website: www.wbpar.gov.in
E-mail: cm@wb.gov.in

Power and Non-Conventional Energy Sources Department
Website: https://wbpower.gov.in
E-mail:  powersecy@wb.gov.in

Public Health Engineering Department
E-mail: mic@wbphed.gov.in, gdeb@vsnl.com

Public Works Department
Website: www.pwdwb.in
E-mail: micpwd@wb.gov.in

Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department
Website: www.wbic.gov.in
E-mail: mosrr&r@wb.gov.in

School Education Department
Website: www.wbsed.gov.in
E-mail: micshool@wb.gov.in

Science and Technology Department
Website: www.dstwb-council.gov.in
E-mail: cm-wb@nic.in

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