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Lifestyle in Kolkata

The city of Kolkata is a melting pot of various culture that can be easily visible in the lifestyle of the city. Apart from Bengalis, peoples from different ethnic groups have settled down in this beautiful and prosperous city of Kolkata. Each ethnicity represents a unique feature of its own. Inhabitants from various regions of India like Punjab, Bihar, North East constitute major part of Kolkata's population. They have made incredible contribution in the various field benefiting Kolkata. Influence of Buddhism and Confucianism can be credited to the Chinese people settled in Tangra region of Kolkata.Banking, cotton and jute industry is majorly dominated by the Marwari community. No other Indian metropolis boast so much art per capita than Kolkata . Every household trains their son and daughter in the art of singing and dancing. Today you can found as many as 200 active theaters groups in Kolkata.

Traditional Lifestyle of Kolkata

Kokata is known widely foir its rich and traditional life style. The influence of Rabindra Nath Tagore can be found across the city. Traditional wear still dominates the culture of Kolkata and so there are many markets like Shobha Bazaar,Gariaghat Market popular only for the availability of Silk Sarees, Kurta , Dhoti and other traditional apparels.Kurta and Dhoti are considered epitome of elegance and dignity in Kolkata. It reflects the Bengali culture at its best. In Kolkata you can astute bent integrating up to the colorful richness and variety of lifestyles in the city.

Influence of Western Lifestyle

Lifestyle in KolkataEver since the 19th century when the British established their colony in India, the western culture had spread its influential roots in the country. It started surmounting its flavor on Indian roots in many a ways corresponding to food habits to education to fascination.Western apparels are not new to Kolkata which remained under the influence of Britishers for more than a century. The Indian youth including the youth of Kolkata is seen to prefer Jeans, T-shirts, Cargos and other western apparals. Girls of the city can be seen wearing Minis, Leggings, Tops etc. A reflection of the western culture is visible in number of shops selling western branded apparels for the youth. Kolkata has merged as popular venue for hosting fashion shows and other popular events.

In recent times many beauty salons and Spa have made appearances on the canvas of Kolkata. Spa Parlors in Kolkata offer popular spa treatments that revitalizes and rejuvenates the facial area making it feel and look adolescent. In integration to facials, they also offer other body treatments such as massages, body wraps, vichy showers, exfoliation treatments that avail amend circulation and soothe sore muscles.The cosmopolitan Kolkata in the 21st century has an pinch of western culture added to the cultural air by adopting some of the western culture which conveys and promotes the ideas and values of advanced civilization across people of Kolkata.

Nightlife in Kolkata

Whether you optate to shake your body to phenomenal music or relax your weekend to the tune of Saturday night fever, Kolkata has a lot to offer in terms of evening regalement like nightclubs, bars and pubs, discotheques, live performances, theaters and exhibitions. The city of Kolkata with its of vintage charm and cultural heritage has indeed emerged from its shell to become one of the major hot-spots for the tourists. Nightlife in Kolkata has indeed got an immense face-lift over the past few years. The city’s transformation is well ostensible from the fact that today’s adolescent ‘Kolkatans’ instead of rallying around the coffee shops and ‘add a houses’ prefer to rush to the nightclubs to unwind themselves after a day’s toil. Apart from a string of nightclubs and cool hangouts Kolkata offers various recreational concerts like music concerts and theater shows, film festivals packed with fervent crowd and vibrant tourists.

Fast Food Culture in Kolkata

Urban lifestyle of Kolkata

With regard to food habits, dainty foods have always been the most amiable way to win the hearts of Kolkatans. In the city you can find many famous traditional Bengali restaurants serving delicious foods. Restaurants in Kolkata have emerged as a popular hangout options for parties and get together. Kolkata accommodates a very unique style of cosmopolitan food as the city has now become the hub of affluent delicacies from the continent of India wherein it brings to the table the classic flavor of Chinese, Continental, and other recipes which has become a part of city life. Either looking for Pizza Hut or McDonald's or Domino's Pizza Outlets In Kolkata you can find all and more. However of all, two most major styles of cuisines that are very popular among the food buffs in Kolkata are Continental and Chinese dishes.

Health and Fitness Centers in Kolkata

Kolkata urban lifestyle

The city of Kolkata also facilitates health club, fitness center which houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise and fitness. Citizens are well aware of the fitness value and thus the youths and specially the working class are seen joining health clubs which offers aerobics, boxing, martial arts, step, high intensity training, regular and hot (Bikram) yoga, pilates, self-defense classes such as Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and muscle training. In very short span of time many Gyms and Health Clubs in Kolkata have made their appearances and serving well the needs and requirements of the city. Some of the Health clubs also offers aqua aerobics classes with swimming pools in the location trained by certified instructors.

Thus, with the verbalized madness of erudition and quest to ingeniousness, Kolkatans strives ahead to make the city more preponderant with administration and infrastructure to match the remarkably aptitudinal human capital it houses.

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