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Types of Cottage Industries in Kolkata

Kolkata being a coastal city has a long history with diversity of cultural practices and skills that the local society adapts and learns overtime exploiting them to generate income. Coastal cities are natural trading hubs since they offer a link to transport the good over sea making them especially attractive for business people who come to trade and bring with them a wide array of ideas which tend to be incorporated in to the local culture, traditions and skill. Below are some cottage industries of Kolkata that have excelled over years providing employment to large chubnk of people.

Weaving Industry in Kolkata

Weaving Industry in Kolkata

Weaving is currently the most common cottage industry in Kolkata and the surrounding areas with most of the cottage weaving industries continuing to practice traditional methods of weaving. Due to competition from the industrial weaving industries the cottage weaving industry has had to retain traditional methods and make the cloth all by hand resulting in unique handmade pieces which fetch much higher prices than the commercially produced pieces. The weaving cottage industry has also been noted to be picking up and the financial status of most Kolkata residents is on the rise making them prefer buying unique handmade items. This helps boost the local cottage industry and deliver unique garment pieces to the people.

Coconut Processing in Kolkata

Cottage industries in Kolkata

Coconuts grow on most coastal regions like Kolkata and local residents have turned this abundance of coconuts to their advantage by developing several cottage industries that depend on coconuts. The coconut cottage industries are responsible for the processing and production of several coconut byproducts such as coconut power, coconut oil, coconut milk, de-husking, husk fragmentation, coconut wine production and many others. This shows an example of how wide this industry is and how many people depend on coconuts to sustain their particular cottage industry.

Honey and Wax Production in Kolkata

Honey and Wax Production in Kolkata

Another traditional cottage industry linked to Kolkata for generations has been the collection of wild honey and wax production/ processing. Wax has always been an important commodity in Kolkata for centuries as it has been used to produce candles and used as a water resistant product. Kolkata is located close to the Sundarbans which is the biggest producer of wild honey in India thus resulting in a well-developed honey production and wax processing cottage industry. Today Kolkata continues to be a major producer and processor of wild honey and wax and the cottage industries linked to honey and wax have remained in control of the industry. The industry has mainly remain cottage due to the limited amount of honey and wax collected making in in viable for industrial exploitation.

Fish Breeding in Kolkata

Fish has always played a huge role in Kolkata due to the close proximity of the region to Hoogly river. This since ages have not only lead to people fishing for a living but also towards farming of certain fish and sea food species. Oysters and certain other seafood’s can be farmed close the bank and reef making them very important cottage industry which many people bordering the ocean practice and generate a living from.

Street Food Preparations in Kolkata

Kolkata Cottage Industries

Food also plays and important role in Kolkata. Street food is particularly very famous in this part of West Bengal. There is a huge variety of street food both originally from Kolkata and well as those which have been adapted by the local people. Street food preparation is a fast emerging industry which has seen rapid expansion in last few decades. It does not requires much investments and is a perfect income generation options for the masses. One can find various cottage industry units across Kolkata dealing in variety of street food items.

Besides the above mentioned industries there are many other cottage industries that play a huge role towards Kolkata’s economy. Cottage industries are often confused to be small and irrelevant industries but they play a major role towards creating jobs and more importantly don’t require large amounts of capital to start. The cottage industries are there for important towards improving peoples economic status as long as they have a skill which they can exploit the generate items people may be looking to buy.

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