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What Makes Kolkata a Perfect Place for Youngsters

Kolkata which is also known by the name of "city of joy" is the capital of West Bengal and commercial capital of Eastern India. This metropolitan city has got an electric combination of cultural, historical and spiritual attraction. This draws many people from all over the country and world to visit this place quite often. It has got a charm of its own which can rarely be seen in other metropolitan city of India. Kolkata is very rich culturally and the people of Kolkata have this special appreciation for literature and art. As for the new and budding talents, the city is always known to give them opportunity to grow. All of these reason and many more which we are going to discuss further makes Kolkata a great place to live not only for the young population but also people of all age group. The city has to various things to offer to everyone.

What Makes the City Kolkata a Perfect Place for Youngsters

Good Connectivity Within Kolkata and Outskirts

Young people who fall mostly in the student category have limited pocket money supply. Hence, they would like to avail those services which provide them good services at affordable rates. In Kolkata the mode of transport is very cheap and the base fare in bus is as low as Rs 7 and you can cover substantial distance by just paying Rs 7 in private or public buses. The buses to various destinations are quite frequent. Apart from buses you can also take the service of autos which charge a bit extra but take you to your destination sooner than buses. Kolkata was the first city to introduce metro. The metro connects the north Kolkata to the south. A large chunk of the young population avail the metro and travel form north to south for various engagements every day. The metro takes very less time to reach and are very punctual. Moreover in case you are a regular traveler you get the option of purchasing a monthly card where the cost per rides becomes cheap. Shared cabs are another great source of travel and often used by students and office goers alike. Though a bit costly than bus, autos and metros, this shuttles ensures that you reach your destination at a very less time.

Kolkata Specials

One can also find trams which is only visible in Kolkata. Since many young people from the outskirts travel to Kolkata for work, studies and various other purposes, the electric trams that operate from Shealdah and Howrah to various parts of Kolkata and the outskirts are of immense help. Such trams are available frequent and carry a large chunk of young and old population to and from the city and within the city also. The pocket pinch is very nominal and affordable too. Since, the young people have to travel to various places due to numerous engagements cheaper transport costs save them a lot of money which can be diverted to meeting other needs.

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Great Career Prospects in Kolkata

Kolkata in West Bengal

The lucrative career opportunity provided by the multiple companies add to the advantages of youtrhs in Kolkata. In recent years many companies has set up their offices in Kolkata making it an ideal place for the youngsters. There are several companies such as IT companies, BPO, KPO, Audit firms, private colleges, government offices that have set up their offices in the city of Kolkata. This not only attracts youths who reside in the city Kolkata but also many people from the outskirts travel every day to work in this city. The city seems to have something for everybody.

Great Accommodation at Affordable Rates in Kolkata

Due to many industries and corporate offices setting up their branches in Kolkata, number of people residing in the area has increased over the years. People are moving from various parts of country and also from the outskirts to settle here. The prices of essentials are quite affordable along with transport and various other things which are essential in a man’s life. Most of the areas offer great rooms with all the facilities at good rates keeping in mind the income level of the people. For students and unmarried youngsters there is provision of paying guests or shared accommodations.

Hostels in Kolkata

The government ensures that the residents of Kolkata have access to basic services such as power, water supply, post offices, hospitals and the likes. There are shops in every nook and corner of the city to meet your daily needs. Every area has a shopping mall nearby which can be visited when planning to buy branded products, eat in a good restaurants, watch a movie or enjoy other entertainment available. Government is also in the process of building parks and gardens in various areas for the residents to enjoy some great time amidst nature. The close proximity to the market and other essentials along with houses with reasonable rent make it a great place for stay of the youngsters who have to take care that they do not go overboard when spending.

Good Food at Unbelievable Price in Kolkata

If you want to have great food and not willing to spend much, Kolkata is just the right place for you. One will be amazed at the array of options that is available for the food lovers here. Right from authentic Bengali cuisine that is famous worldwide due to its distinct flavor, the city of joy also provide variety of dishes from other parts of the country and world. Youngsters have a great time gorging on Chinese, continental, Thai, Mughlai, Mexican, South Indian, North Indian food that is available here. Some special items which are very famous amongst the youngsters are Puchkas or gol Gappas, various types of rolls, paw bhaji, various forms of chatts, fish fry, samosa and much more. All of these items are lip smacking and will create an urge to keep wanting for more. You need not visit a restaurant to have the wide variety. The street side food joints offer delicious food and there is large variety to choose from.

Food in Kolkata

There are several coffee joints at almost every nook and corner. The menu list provides items which are a favorite among young people. Different varieties of coffee, tea, sandwich, pastas and other such items are provided. Often young people can be seen spending hours in such cafe shops chit chatting with friends or discussing some serious business over a cup of hot coffee and delicious snacks. Come evening or between breaks at work or breaks in colleges, people can be seen sipping hot tea made with ginger and various other ingredients in earthen cups. Kolkata special tea is famous amongst one and all. Thus for youngsters who are planning to move to Kolkata, you need not worry about food as there are various options available. One need not worry about quality or the price. The best part is it comes at dirt cheap price. No compromise is made with regard to the quality and many youngsters are seen to have their food outside without suffering from any health hazards. The food joints are very clean and they take adequate precautions to prepare the food hygienically.

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Shopping Options in Kolkata

There is no dearth of shopping venues in Kolkata. Right from shopping malls where large variety of branded stuffs is available to street side shops you will get all of these in Kolkata. Not only shopping, such malls are great place to go with friends and have some great time. Here, you will also have options to watch the latest movies, play games such as bowling, video games, eat in good food joints or just sit and watch people chit chat with friends. Many young people prefer to visit such malls every week to have some great time with friends and check out the new items which have come. Some of the famous malls in north and south Kolkata are quest mall, south city mall, City Center 1, City Center 2, Diamond Plaza mall, Mani Square mall and so on.

Shopping Options in Kolkata

Not only shopping malls, there are other great destination for shopping also. The two famous and most visited by youngsters of Kolkata are Gariahat market and New Market. These two markets stock large variety of garments and other items also such as bags, shoes, jewelleries and the likes. The best part about such flea markets is you get the best and the latest designs at very affordable rates. Apart from the usual stuffs of going to movies and eating out, there are several people who visit the pubs at night to groove to latest music also.

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Entertainment in Kolkata

If planning to enjoy some time amidst nature, several parks have been constructed such as Eco Park in Rajarhat, Elliot Park, Victoria memorial, Maidan and much more. The entry ticket is nominal. In some of the parks boating, cycling and other such activity can also be done making it a favorite spot for young people. Many young people can also be seen visiting the Ganga ghats. These are riverfront steps that lead to the banks of River Ganga. There are numerous ghats surrounding Kolkata. From such ghats one can take a boat ride to the other side of Ganga. The ghats have been kept clean and come evening you can see many young as well as old people involved in various activities there. While some come there with their group of friends to have a relaxed time along with a cup of tea in earthen pots, others can be see singing song, playing guitars while there are few who are playing cards and some just staring at the unknown. Ganga ghat has a charm of its own which refreshes your senses after a hard day of work and is a preferred destination for many young people.

Living in Kolkata

Varoius fairs at different times of the year are organized in Kolkata and are a big crowd puller. Apart from fairs where you will get clothes, jewelleries, household items and much more, the most famous one being Book Fair. It is one of the largest and very famous amongst young people who visit it many times. Here, young people can also be seen showing their talents. There are few who play the musical instrument and sing while there are others who paint beautifully. The city is famous for giving opportunity to young people to showcase their talents and give them an opportunity to survive and encourage their creativity. Apart from the above the fun and frolic experienced in Kolkata during festivals such as Durga Puja, Diwali is unmatchable. Pandal hopping with friends on all the days of such festivals all night or full day is what makes Kolkata popular among youngsters. Though a busy city, Kolkata has a charm which draws many youngsters to the city from different parts of country and outskirts too.

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Easy transport facility, great career opportunity including multiple opportunity when it comes to choosing courses to peruse, and getting job in good companies, various entertainment options, cheap and best food, great accommodation at affordable rates are some of the reasons which make Kolkata a great place to stay amongst youngsters. The friendly residents and the ever helping traffic police are always there to serve you in case you require any help.

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