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What Makes Kolkata a Perfect Place to Live

Also know by the name "The city of Joy", Kolkata, has long been a favorite place to live by many people because of separate reason possessed by all. Inspite of few shortcomings that the city has, those are largely overshadowed by the several advantages of staying in the city. Kolkata is one such place that will always have a special place in your heart once you live here because of several reasons Though culturally rich, it has maintained pace with changing lifestyle.Also the unhurried life of the people in Kolkata where they still have time to go for "adda" over a cup of tea in earthen cups after late working hours is what sets the city apart from others. There are innumerable other reasons too. Let’s find out why the city of Joy is the best place to live a happy and contended life.

Pleasant Weather of Kolkata

Travelling in Kolkata

The location of the city is such that it does not experience teeth chattering cold that the people of north India experiences during winters, neither does it experience sweltering heat that the southern state experiences. The weather in Kolkata is just perfect for living. Though the temperature rises during the summers but it is comparatively lower than most of the states which experiences very hot climate. In winters too one need not wear heavy woolen clothes. Just a light jacket or sweater is sufficient to save you from the mild cold winds. Winter in Kolkata is very romantic too. The quite night, misty mornings and occasional rain has a feeling of nostalgia in it that will make you fall in love with the city. Hot special ginger tea in earthen cups is a favorite and many people can be seen indulging several cups of it during winters.

Affordable Accommodation Options in Kolkata

Kolkata’s real estate sector is booming with several projects coming up in different parts of the city. High rise apartments are built by companies of repute. However, compared to other cities, the prices of such flats are reasonable and can be afforded easily. Moreover easy finances that are available from several banks make the payment all the more easy. Also, those who are not interested in buying there are several flats which are provided on rent. The rents are very reasonable. Most of the localities have markets, medicine shops, ATM's, grocery shops near the flats which make it very convenient to stay.

Great Connectivity Within Kolkata City

Kolkata is well connected via bus, train, metro rail or autos. The metro rail connects the people of North Kolkata to extreme South Kolkata and is the most effective means of traveling in case you want to venture to south for work or pleasure. Buses though take a bit longer time is also commonly preferred by many people to commute from one place to another. For the past few days, various private companies and government too have launched AC buses. Though the fare is a high, however the journey is comfortable and takes less time. The autos are also great mode of transport. The best part about the different modes of transport is it is very affordable and the pocket pinch is not much.

Living in Kolkata

The metered taxis are always available in case you want to reach any place urgently or would like to travel in comfort. The trams and the hand pulled rickshaws are still there in some parts of Kolkata and these modes give the streets the vintage feeling. It is amazing to travel in trams and watch the old buildings from British era at some parts of Kolkata. The hand pulled rickshaws will take you to places which are not reachable by buses or taxis. The ferries are also important and cheap modes of transport and connect Kolkata to the other side of Ganga. These ferries are pleasant to ride and ply regularly.

Grand Celebration of Festival

The people of this city are always in the mood to celebrate. Most of the time of the year the city is celebrating some festival or the other. The major ones being Durga Puja, Diwali, Christ Mas, Saraswati Puja, Raksha Bandhan, Eid, Ganesh Puja and so on. No city in the world celebrates Durga Puja with the enthusiasm that Kolkata people does. Preparation for which begins months before the D day. The look of the city completely changes during those five days as you see the city getting lighted up completely, offices are shut down and people are completely in merry making mood. The joyful and enthusiastic nature of the people is what draws you to the place. Similarly during Diwali, Christmas and New Year celebration the city is at its best too and completely lighted up. Fireworks are seen to burst in the sky every now and then and the people can be seen celebrating the festivals with near and dear ones.

For the Heavenly Food Cooked with Utmost Care

People of Kolkata love their food. The variety that is found here is uncountable. Almost at every place around the city you would be able to find eating joints serving authentic, delicious Bengali cuisine. Some of them also serve it in leaf plates to add the traditional touch to it. The variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes is many. Bengalis love eating fish of all variety and hence, the number of dishes that is prepared is also many. Not only this, the city also serves authentic cuisines of other states too such as Punjabi, South India, North India, Goan, Rajasthan thali, Gujrati thali and so on. Many restaurants also serve global cuisine that include continental, Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican, Tibetan and much more. The best part is the food comes at very affordable rates.

Food in Kolkata

In many parts of the city, you would see vendors selling different items of food at very affordable costs. The food are prepared with utmost care and hygienically hence does not pose any health hazards. A person would be able to get a thali comprising rice, chapati, sabzi, fish or egg and some other accompaniments at meager Rs 30 - Rs 40 which is rarely found in other parts of the country. Bengali sweets are also irresistible, specially the rasgollas and are in demand in the whole world. Their love for food is evident from the passion with which they talk once you ask them what is the best that is available here and the shops which sells it the best.

Presence of Multi Specialty Hospitals in Kolkata

There number of hospitals like Fortis, Medicare, ILS, Apollo, Columbia Asia and the likes in Kolkata. These health care units not only provide great facilities but also have some of the best doctors in the country visiting there to treat patients on a regular basis. The government has been trying to improve the state run hospitals too and have included several facilities that can be afforded by all specially the economically backward people. There are private nursing homes all around the city and hence, you need not worry about shifting here. As during medical emergency, you will get due medical attention immediately.

Great Shopping and Entertainment Options in Kolkata

When it comes to shopping, there is no denying the fact that shopping in Kolkata is a heavenly experience for all. Apart from several malls such as Swabhumi, Quest, Citi Center, Diamond Plaza and more, street side shopping is also fun. The statement will prove true once you enter the markets in Gariahat, Esplaned, HatiBagan and such other places where street shopping is popular. These markets sell not only items which are latest in trends but also at pocket friendly prices. Most of the items are highly fashionable and good in quality. The markets are vibrant with shops at every place selling different colorful items. Bargaining is a skill you must possess when you visit such markets to get goods at much cheep rate that what it was quoted initially. Thus you end up saving a lot.

Amusement in Kolkata

Also there are several entertainment opportunities such as visiting the sightseeing options which are in plenty in Kolkata, going out for movies, going for ferry rides from various Ghats present on the banks of river Ganga, play golf, watch a golf, football or cricket game, visit several gardens or amusement parks, visit book stores to catch up on reading or just walk in the streets of Park Street or may be sit in the grounds of Maidan to watch the blue sky above or the natural beauty all around. There are several options available to entertain yourself. Kolkata is a city where you would never find any dearth of entertainment options.

Good Career Opportunities in Kolkata

Career opportunists have increased and are on the rise since the past few years. Both private and government companies have released a number of openings in the past few years to accommodate the talented young graduates who are passing out from colleges in West Bengal. Such companies also provide free or concession on transports and meals leading to much savings on the part of the employees. Many BPO and KPO's with flexible timing policy have started in different parts of the city and industrial hubs are also being developed in some parts where new offices of new companies or extension of existing companies are being set up.

Apart from the above reasons which ensure a good stay in the city, there are other reasons also. Friendly and ever cheerful people who are willing to help you at every step are there in Kolkata. People do have time to talk to their neighbors and extend their help in case of need. They are also very respectful towards each other.

Many eminent personalities such as Satya Jit Ray, Rabindranath Tagore called Kolkata their home. The city has a creative side and it is not uncommon to find a born talented person in every household. Bengalis have rich culture and are proud of it. There are several cultural festivals happening every now and then in the city keeping the people entertained. All these reasons would make Kolkata a great place to live. Where people just don’t rush for earning their livelihood but also take out time to LIVE their life by perusing their passion as well!

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