5 Must Buy Items in Kolkata

The City of Joy, Kolkata has plenty to offer to its visitors. From attractive tourist spots to cool shopping avenues, there are plenty of activities one can indulge in. Shopping in Kolkata can turn out to be a delightful and an enriching experience. 

Having captured the essence of a quintessential Indian market, the colourful and vibrant bazaars of Kolkata reflect its majestic glory and beauty. From terracotta handicrafts to sarees, you name it, you get it here. Here is a list of must buys in Kolkata.

Beautiful and Designer Sarees of Kolkata

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Lal Paar Sarees, or white sarees with red borders are the most popular beautiful traditional worn by the women in Kolkata. Cotton sarees with multi-coloured borders and stripes over the pallu look adorable and are worn during festivals, religious gatherings etc. 

Kolkata sarees with Jamdani work look elegant and stylish and are worn by teachers and corporate professionals. Baluchari sarees are known for their bright colours and patterns of pictorial themes. The Tussar and Vishnupuri silk sarees in Kolkata, available in mild colours, with a smooth silky feel are quite popular.

The sophisticated Bangladeshi Dhakai sarees are known to impress even the sulkiest of ladies. You will get to see a lot of variety and colours in the Dakshinapan Shopping Complex and the New market.

Buy Attractive Terracotta Wares

Bankura Horses and Terracotta Wares in Kolkata

A trip to Kolkata is incomplete without purchasing one of its specialities – terracotta products. Bankura horses and elephants are considered to be the typical handicrafts of Kolkata and occupy a prominent position in the list of must buy items in Kolkata. 

These terracotta handiworks available in shades of red and black are known for their perfectly symmetric shape, rounded curves of their body, erect necks and sharp pointed ears. To purchase some of the best terracotta wares, head to Chowringhee Lane, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex and Swabhumi Heritage Park. read more

Shop for Jute Items

Jute Wall Hangings in Kolkata

A beautiful, yet eco-friendly substitute to plastic, jute craft items are gaining lot of popularity in Kolkata. Though jute handbags are quite famous all over, fancy jute jewellery, jute table mats, pretty jute dolls, wall hangings, footwear and other such items are a rage in Kolkata. 

If you are in Kolkata, do make it a point to visit the Central Cottage Industries Emporium, Dakshinapan Shopping Complex, Park Street and bring back some very pretty jute handicrafts.

Tea Items in Kolkata

Must buy items in Kolkata

The tea leaves are not to be missed while traveling to this part of West Bengal. From green tea to rea and organic tea you can find all and more in Kolkata. Drinking tea is quite popular in Kolkata. Tea items in Kolkata finds its way right from Darjeeling and so are pure with great taste.

Mouth Watering Sweets of Kolkata

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If the Bengali language itself is so sweet, one can only imagine how sweet their sweets might taste! Bengalis are known for their sweet tooth, Rosogulla, Sandesh and Mishti Doi being the most addictive and highly recommended desserts in Kolkata. read more

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