Kolkata Municipal Corporation

KMCThe Kolkata Municipal Corporation widely designated to as ‘Corporation’ by common man had sluggish revenues and was successively in stern resource constraints for many years. The introduction of ‘Mayor-in-Council’ was the key amendment in the 1984 act.

Being the third largest municipal corporation in India, it is responsible for the maintenance of numerous services including drinking water supply, sewerage and drainage management, solid waste management, roads maintenance, street lighting and more.

Main Responsibilities of Kolkata Municipal Corporation:-

  1. Water purification and supply
  2. Disease and Pest control, including immunization
  3. Maintenance of parks and open spaces
  4. Maintenance of Crematoriums and Cemeteries
  5. Construction and maintenance of streets, roads and flyovers
  6. Garbage disposal and street cleanliness
  7. Registration of births and deaths
  8. Conservation of heritage sites
  9. Sewage treatment and disposal
  10. Solid waste management
  11. Street lighting
  12. Public municipal schools etc.

Water Supply

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation supplies treated water to the municipality extracted from the river Hooghly and underground sources. New challenges and danger are being faced in the form of arsenic pollution of ground water and is forcing to implement conceptually revolutionize the design framework to provide safe water to the citizens.


The city has underground drainage system. Dynamic cleaning and rehabilitating efforts are made by the corporation helps to avoid any major grave and epidemic situation. Other than the sewage channels, the pumping houses situated in South 24-Parganas district is also contributing in the removal of waste waters from their respective areas.

Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management is a matter of concern as it can give birth to other ecological problems. Kolkata Municipal Corporation manages solid waste from residential, commercial, institutional areas, parks and streets. Solid wastes gathered in fritter bins are collected and moved to dump yards by municipality trucks .

Infrastructure Development

Kolkata Municipal Corporation deals with growth and maintenance of road system, evaluation of property and buildings, collection of property tax and power supply.  It handles assessment and sanction of construction plans, inspection of illegal constructions, conducts study of projects and its execution. KMC looks after infrastructural development of the city and also up gradation of parks & open spaces.

Apart from these Kolkata Municipal Corporation also Undertakes:-

  • In-house Functional division audits
  • Maintenance of birth and death registration reports
  • Inspection and protection of land and buildings held by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation
  • Handling legal constituents and present legal opinion to diverse departments of the Municipality
  • Assigning new trade licenses
  • Renewal of expired trade licenses
  • Issuing provisional licenses
  • Looks into cases against workforce on receiving complaints from general public or any other source
  • Impart training on Computer and Administrative aspects to the employees of KMC.
  • Carry out the staffing for the Corporation.
  • Initiating promotion, transfer application and court cases associated to recruits matters.
  • Maintaining account of all immovable properties of KMC and carry out mandatory authentication.
  • Conducts elections of the Corporation
  • Fabrication of various products required by diverse divisions of KMC
  • Accomplish accounting of the activities of the Corporation and management of the treasury
  • Endow with protective and curative health amenities like immunization etc.
  • To uphold communal relations, issue commercials for print and electronic media, organizing press symposium and reporting of various actions
  • Construction and maintenance of municipal markets
  • Looks after public sector issues like family welfare, women empowerment, employment generation etc.
  • Material planning, procurement and storage of materials

Kolkata Municipal Corporation

Address: 5, SN Banerjee Road, Esplanade, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700013
Phone: 033 2286 1000

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