Kolkata Municipal Corporation - KMC

The main objective of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is provide efficient, effective, equitable, citizen responsive, financially sustainable and transparent, quality service to its citizens.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation

The vision of KMC is stated below:

  • Efficient and effective, providing service to its customers in a professional, economical, timely, useful and helpful manner.

  • Equitable, assuring service to all its citizens including the vulnerable and deprived groups in a fair, just and reasonable manner.

  • Citizen responsive, developing a sense of involvement and participation in all its stakeholders by pro-actively addressing their concerns and    providing complete customer satisfaction.

  • Financially sustainable, reducing KMC’s dependence on state funds by optimizing and efficiently managing its revenues, and

  • Transparent, providing an accountable and transparent civic administration for the benefit of external users as well as internal employees

KMC Departments:

The first priority of KMC is to provide basic civic services to its citizen and for appropriate implementation the corporation has divided into various departments. KMC has the following departments to provide various services to the citizens of Kolkata..

Department Key Activities
Advertisement Overall monitoring of outdoor advertisement
Amusement Issue of new amusement license, renewal letter and monitoring functions
Assessment & Collection Assessment of land and buildings, Mutation and Collection of Property Tax
Building Scrutinizing building plan, checking unauthorized construction and routine inspection
Bustee Services Carry out physical and social infrastructure development in the bustees of the City
Car Parking Responsible for arranging for parking spaces.
Central Records To maintain all old records such as birth and death registration, sanctioned building plans, assessment registers, etc.
Ch. VS Department Chief Valuer and Surveyor maintains records of all immovable assets of KMC and performs tasks requiring verification or information from those.
Education Imparting primary education and interacting with Government agencies and NGO’s.
Election Office Conducts elections of the Corporation.
Electricity Carries out works related to Electricity supply in the Corporation area.
Engineering (Civil) Building and repairing of roads, removal of chokages, bustee development work, construction of public conveniences, etc.
Entally workshop Production, repairing of different products required by various departments of KMC.
Estate Survey and maintain records of the land and building owned by the KMC.
Finance and accounts Carry out accounting of the activities of the Corporation and handling of the treasury.
Health Provide preventive, curative and promotive health facilities like vaccination etc.
Info. & public relations To maintain public relation, issue Advertisement for print and electronic media, organizing press conferences and coverage of various events.
Information Technology IT department is responsible for development and implementation of software across all departments of KMC. This includes specific initiatives like E-Kolkata Centres, Web Portal, ERP, MAS, KMC-NET, Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre etc.
Institute of Urban Management Impart training on Computer, Administrative and work based training to the employees of KMC.
Internal Audit Scrutinize and vet the audit replies given by the functional departments to the statutory auditors and conduct specific audits (i.e. special audit, Investigation, enquiries etc) assigned by the MC, JMC, etc.
Law Deal with legal matters and provide legal opinion to the different departments of KMC.
License Issue of new trade licenses, Renewal of old/expired trade licenses, Issuing temporary licenses, raising Demands for Trade License, etc. in relation to trade licenses.
Lighting Operation and maintenance of street lights, installation of new street lighting systems, maintain lighting of markets and institutions e.g. Chief Municipal office.
Market Construction and maintenance of Municipal Markets.
Municipal Secretary’s department Carry out secretarial functions of the Corporation.
Municipal Service Commission Carry out the recruitment for the Corporation.
Parks & Squares Looks after the matters related to parks and squares in the city.
Personnel Initiating promotion, transfer proposal and attend court cases related to personnel matters.
Planning & Development Initiate new projects, carry out Technical (only for non commercial projects) and financial feasibility studies, Monitor implementation of projects.
Printing Print all types of forms, publications, registers and schedule books of the Corporation.
Project Management Unit Looks after issues like Geographical Information System, water bodies conservation, heritage conservation.
Roads and Asphaltum Carry out maintenance, road construction and production of hot mix.
Sewerage & Drainage Manage and maintain the central sewerage and drainage lines under all major / arterial roads.
Social Sector Department Looks after social sector issues like family welfare, women empowerment, employment generation etc.
Solid Waste Management Sweep streets, collect solid waste from households and collection points and transport to the dumping yard.
Supply Material planning, procurement and storage of materials.
Town Planning Dept Takes care of overall planning of the city.
Treasury Department Takes care of treasury of KMC.
Vigilance Investigate cases against employees on receipt of complaints from Councillors, citizens or any other source.
Water Supply Installation, operation and maintenance of water treatment plants, booster pumping stations and tubewells.

The important contact information of the corporation, its departments and wards can be viewed by clicking here.

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