Public Utility Services in Kolkata

A common goal of government especially in most developing countries like India is to promote access to public utility services. Individually the term “utility” itself refer to the sets of services provided by the organizations and consumed by the public.

These are the basic infrastructure services which are very necessary for the growth of economy of region and for better functioning and regulation.

Utilities Services in Kolkata

The democratically elected government of West Bengal in hand with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and other establishments ensures the welfare of its citizens. Kolkata is among the four metropolitan cities of India and stands like one major pillar, responsible for the economic growth of the country. 

Safety and Security in Kolkata

In today’s world, threats to our lives, liberty and identities emanate from an increasing number of sources like terrorists, murders and hackers. One of the key causes of trepidation and insecurity in many cities today is malefaction and violence. 

As city populations and GDP perpetuate to elevate through urbanization, so does the threat level, with incremented populations leading to anonymity and the prevalence and clustering of high threat targets presenting terrorist groups with alluring opportunities. Kolkata Police uses sundry designates to enhance public security and welfare by deploying networked security systems across several entities in the society.  `

The ever growing city of Kolkata is influenced by technological adoption of security measures in the city. With the integration of subsisting security contrivances such as GIS, Area Traffic Control, City Surveillance, Closed-circuit television (CCTV), sensors and detectors etc. 

Kolkata Police Headquarters

Dial 100 - for Emergency
Dial 1090 - to give any information to police
Dial 1073 - for Traffic related issue
Address: Kokata Police Head Quarters, 18, Lalbazar Street, Kolkata - 700 001, West Bengal, India
EPABX Number: (91-33) 2250-5000

Traffic & Transportation in Kolkata

Public transportation in Kolkata is much developed as compared to other cities of India. The transport Infrastructure in Kolkata primarily consist of Street and Highway network along with Railway network.

The total road length of the highways and arterial roads within Kolkata is estimated to be around 500km of which 400 km is in Metropolitan Centre. The National Highways, the State and District roads provide a regional link wherein a number of roads function as the arteries of the metropolis. 

The railway network extends in a total of 12 rail alignments within Kolkata. The suburban railway services extend from Katwa, Bongaon, Krishnanagar, Burdwan on the north to Port Canning, Lakshmikantapur, Diamond Harbour and Budge Budge on the south. 

Kharagpur in the south-west and Tarakeswar on the west. The most important passenger terminals in Kolkata are the Sealdah and Howrah Stations. Apart from these, Kolkata also has 16.43 km long metro-rail from Dum Dum in the north and ‘Tollygunge in the south.

The Kolkata Port system under the control of the Kolkata Port Trust comprises the Kolkata Dock system that handles a fairly high volume of ships containing cargoes. Central Inland Water Transport Corporation (CIWTC) operates river services carrying goods between Kolkata and Assam via Bangladesh. Passenger Ferry along the river Hooghly is also in operation between Kolkata & Haldia.

Water Supply in Kolkata

Kolkata has a twofold water source from river Hooghly and ground water sources through Deep Tube Wells (DTW) and Hand Tube Wells (HTW). The water from river Hooghly is being treated and supplied through the treatment plants to the inhabitants of the city. 

Kolkata sources the demand of water supply by three major water treatment plants namely,Indira Gandhi Water Treatment Plant (Barrackpore), Jorabagan Water Treatment Plant, Watgunge Water Treatment Plant. 

Dhapa Water Treatment Plant with 30 MGD Capacity and the other major construction of additional 15MGD capacity of water treatment plant at Garden Reach Water works, and others at construction in Baishnabghata Patuli, Telepera, Gandhi Maidan and Anandapur.

Healthcare Services in Kolkata

Utility Services in Kolkata

Kolkata commits itself to provide efficient and effective healthcare facilities through best medical supports in a clean and healthy environment. Some of the renowned hospitals in Kolkata include Assembly of God Church Hospital, Behala Balananda Brahmachari Hospital & Research Center.

It is also the First hospital in India to get the coveted ISO 22000:2005 - HACCP certification certified by British Standards Institution (BSIUK). The city has a wide network of ambulance services to serve the patients in need.

Sewage/Sanitation System in Kolkata

Sanitation ensures protection of the environment, public health and social-environmental system in general. Sanitation aims at creating favorable conditions of living, which will not result into a serious outbreak of epidemics. 

The existing drainage & sewerage facilities of Kolkata comprises of the following drainage basins. Kolkata Municipal Corporation is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the sewage system in the city.

Banking Services/ATM in Kolkata

Utility Services, Kolkata

The tectonic shifts in the global banking landscape have tightened the regulatory norms to build loyalty and a non-stop interactive banking environment for customers. 

A number of Banks in Kolkata operate its ATM centers across various locations in the city and major convey locations like Kolkata Metro stations for easy banking access to commuters of the Kolkata Metro conveyance system. 

With the roll out of Banking services branches and ATM stations across Kolkata, citizens are benefited through the services of undertaking banking transactions like cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, mini statements, etc mark any transit points.

Postal and Courier Services in Kolkata

Recent decade has witnessed profound radical transmutations in postal and courier services from operational, technological and regulatory.

Modern private postal systems, "courier" or "distribution services" is now on major demand in the cities owing to the swift "just-in-time" distribution services they offer.

Kolkata has a well planned network of postal services. Private courier services like FedEx Express, DTDC, Blue Dart provide rapid, reliable, time-definite delivery to major parts of Kolkata and West Bengal.

Telecom Services in Kolkata

Public Utility, Kolkata

With an exponential magnification over the past few years in the telecommunication industry, it has become a prominent stone turner and a major contributor to economic growth of the country. 

There are a number of telecommunications service providers in Kolkata. Some of the prominent ones include Vodafone, BSNL, Airtel, Reliance, Tata Indicom etc. These providers have engulfed the city with their connectivity, customer amicable plans and tariffs.

Restaurants/ Home Delivery in Kolkata

Kolkata utility services

Kolkata, the Master Chef of street food serves an exhaustive list of delicacies from ghughni to phuchka, roll to chowmein, Tibetan momos. The cosmopolitan Kolkata accommodates multi-cuisine restaurants and facilitates home delivery to serve food lovers. 

Kolkata’s romance with food runs deep in its veins with the city accommodating an astounding variety of food influencing a wholesome variety right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

The home delivery service allows us to relish restaurant repasts in the comfort of our own home, and ordering home delivery is now just a call or a click over the cyber world away.

Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Utility services Kolkata As traveling is obligatory in some of the job responsibilities, Packers and Movers are one of the most flourishing businesses in this decade. 

Kolkata turns out to be a service oriented business forum with a number of companies undertaking all types of relocation needs, whether be it home shifting, corporate relocation or transfer your car or any conveyance. 

The packers and movers companies take up all the headaches right from packaging to distribution of the requisites of the customers. 

Old Age Home in Kolkata

The Old Age home concept has become a mundane synonym today, but often for the erroneous reasons as the concept evokes a sigh of pity it is misunderstood especially in the Indian society. 

The fact is nowadays parents of middle class families are neither neglected nor forsook by their children but are placed in old age homes for better care and treatment. Read more

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