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Be it a metro city or a small town or village, there is always a weaker and underprivileged section requiring the ample support from the upper strata of the society. Kolkata is home to number of NGOs, social welfare organizations, charitable trusts and foundations which work for improving living status of the underprivileged sections of society by providing proper help and guidance . 

These social welfare organizations, NGOs and charitable trusts provide free medical help, education, food and shelter to the poor and needy people in the city of Kolkata. Read on to know more about these social welfare organizations located across Kolkata.

Charitable Societies in Kolkata

Charitable Societies in Kolkata

Several poor children and women, neglected orphans and mentally or physically challenged persons, secluded or alone senior citizens live under neglected situations and face a lot of problems. They are target of the rude behavior of the others in city of Kolkata. 

Hence, a number of charitable trusts and foundations, NGOs and social welfare societies are working day and night to help such people in the city. These charitable societies usually run upon funds received from the various sectors of the society.

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NGOs in Kolkata 

Women and Children Welfare Trusts in Kolkata

Several women and children welfare organizations are present in Kolkata and providing genuine support, proper guidance and education to make the lives better. Besides, these societies also offer vocational training to the underprivileged women in the region to make them confident and self dependent too. 

Old Age Homes in Kolkata

Old age homes have always been perfect dwelling place for the senior citizens who are neglected by their family and relatives.  These old age homes not only provide shelter to such people but also make them feel happy by gifting lost dignity and joy back to their lives. 

From medical needs to daily needs to emotional support, each and everything is available for improving lives of the aged persons in these old age homes in Kolkata.

NCharitable trusts, social welfare organizations, NGOs and such many other govt. and private funded trusts and foundations are working for development of the poor and lower class of the city. Read More

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