Top 10 Spooky Places in Kolkata

Kolkata being the ‘Cultural Capital of the Country’ is known for its rich art, culture and literary works. This City of Palaces is also home to numerous grand heritage buildings, havelis and grand monuments. 

While some claim to have experienced paranormal activities and eerie sightings and believe them to be true from the bottom of their heart, others believe them to be mere rumours and yet another section of the society believes in investigating the truth in these stories and coming out with rational explanations. 

To whichever section you might belong to, given below are a few hair raising tales about some haunted places in Kolkata, that may either send shivers down your spine or pick your curiosity enough to make you to pack your bags and head off to these destinations to experience the truth for yourself.

South Park Cemetery

South Park Cemetery

As if the name ‘Cemetery’ itself is not enough to scare the daylights out of you, the big iron gates, tall trees, the century old tombs and the shrill silence that greet you send shivers down your spine. 

Dotted with graves bearing British names, locals swear that they have spotted mysterious white shadow like figures in this place in the mornings and late evenings. Weird scary incidents have been reported by people attempting to click pictures inside the cemetery, however all such incidents being related to the white mysterious shadow. 

The National Library

National Libraty in Kolkata

The National Library being a large treasure trove of books attracts literary scholars from far and wide. However it is also one of the most famous haunted places in Kolkata.

This building which was once the residence of lieutenant governor of Bengal is also believed to be haunted by the spirit of governor’s wife, whose footsteps are heard by the regulars, as she goes around examining the rooms, as she had done when she was alive. Another theory states that this library is visited by the spirit of a Bengali student during the dark, who died before completing his research papers.

Hastings House

Hastings House in Kolkata

And the award for being Kolkata’s most popular ghost goes to… Sir Warren Hastings. Today, the Hastings House is an institute offering teachers’ training courses for women. Various paranormal activities and eerie sightings have been reported from this place. 

It is said that Warren Hastings visits the campus in search of some documents, often with his wife and children in a chariot. Some say that on the occasion of New Year’s eve, Hastings comes here in search of his missing desk, one of his prized possessions. Another story that goes around here is the spirit of a boy who died playing football here still waits for his friends, as a result of which students playing here suffer from mysterious injuries.

Writers’ Building

Writers' Building in Kolkata

This gigantic building too has its share of haunted blocks, the fifth block of this building is said to have been haunted by the spirit of Captain Simpson of British East India Company, who was killed here by the Indian revolutionaries. 

The building gets deserted after dusk. The hawkers outside seem to have seen flickering lights in various parts of the otherwise silent building during odd hours, while some even claim to hear eerie sounds of someone crying during late hours of the night.

Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station

It is a scary spot, rightly nicknamed the ‘Paradise of Suicide’. It is one of those places in Kolkata, where maximum cases of suicides and accidents have been reported. As a result, various creepy and mysterious happenings have been reported here. 

These include mysterious figures appearing and vanishing in seconds, shadows lurking in the platforms during the late evenings etc. People travelling by the last metro have had some eerie experiences and have claimed to have experienced spirits travelling in the last train. 

National Museum

National Library in Kolkata

It seems that the National Museum, along with being home to about sixty galleries also houses a couple of ghosts. Sounds made by anklets from this museum can be heard by the people in the adjoining areas. The spirits of Indian freedom fighters detained by the British march around angrily during the night time that accounts for the foot stamping sounds emerging from the museum.

Royal Calcutta Turf Club

The spirit of the White Horse

While walking around the club, have you ever come across a misty white fog? Well Congratulations! You have just met ‘William Saheb ka sada ghora’, a horse that was shot dead in the 1930’s. Named Pearl or Pride, this race horse was the prized possession of a race lover, George Williams, and had won many races, money and fame for her master. 

However as days progressed, she began to lose her magical touch. After losing the Annual Calcutta Derby, it is believed that George, in his state of drunkenness had shot the horse dead. The spirit of the dead horse is seen galloping about the club, perhaps reliving her moments of glory in the past, when she was the ‘Queen of Tracks’.

Under the Howrah Bridge

River Ganges under the Howrah Bridge

The Ganges is supposed to be one of the holiest rivers in India. A dip in the river is likely to sanctify your soul. But what about those who drowned in the Ganges accidentally or by committing suicide? 

Do they find a place in the heaven? Not according to the wrestlers, who visit the Mullick Ghat and Zanana Bathing Ghat , for practice during the early morning hours. They claim to have seen hands flailing in the water, and believe it to be of the restless spirits, of the ones who had given up their lives here.

Lower Circular Road Cemetery

Lower Circular Road Cemetery

Merely listening to the tale associated with this cemetery can send shivers down your spine. One of the scariest spots in the cemetery is the grave of Sir W.H. Mac Naghten, whose body is believed to have been ripped off in Afghanistan. 

His wife had however assembled the remaining pieces and buried them in Kolkata in this grave. Further, it is said that if this story is narrated near his grave, the huge tree above shivers, making you want to run away, without turning back.

Kolkata Dockyard, Khidderpore

Kolkata Dockyard

If you walk along the Kolkata Dockyard and hear classical music, chances are the spirit of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, an avid music lover might be taking a stroll by your side. It is said that his kingdom was snatched by the East India Company, after which he took refuge in the docks. It is believed that the spirit of the Nawab still lurks here, seeking to take revenge on the British.

Well there are many more to go – the fish loving ghosts with nasal twangs, the bikers – slapping ghosts, piano playing musician’s spirit, the revenge seeking spirits of Putulbari, the supernatural spirits invoked by the aghoris – you get to experience these only in Kolkata and nowhere else. So go ahead and enjoy a ‘spooky’ trip!

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