Whats So Special About Kolkata's Biryani

India is famous for its assorted food habits and cultural diversities. This is clearly visible in the cultural diversity of Kolkata. Apart from 'macher jhol' this city is equally known for its tasty and aromatic biryanis. Though Biryanis are common in many parts of the country still the one served in Kolkata has its own taste and style. 

Mughlai kitchens had biryani as one of the famous dishes in India that attained popularity in all regions of country and rest areas worldwide. Kolkata houses leading Mughlai restaurants where Biryani is prepared using natural ingredients. Meat, rice, ghee and specially prepared spices make biryani delicious food choice.

Biryanis in Kolkata
Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata’s chicken biryani
is an ultimate choice to enjoy the rude food in Kolkata. Although biryani is not one of the major Bengali foods due to unique preferences it still remains sought after in the metropolitan city of Kolkata. Kolkata biryani is prepared with fried chicken gives mouthwatering experience. This special dish is prepared easily with use of various ingredients.

How to Prepare Kolkata Biryani ?

Use of basmati rice is important for the preparation of Biryanis. Washed under running water and properly immersed in water for at least thirty seconds bring good aroma. Preparation of Kolkata biryani starts with the groundwork to make the biryani masala carefully. Special spice or biryani mashla (Spice) used to prepare this dish is spice-mix that remains most important ingredient for this purpose. Ingredients include garam mashala; cumin seeds/saah jeera; coriander seeds; black pepper; white pepper; black cardamom; green cardamom; whole nutmeg (jaifol); whole maces (javetri flower); whole cloves and long cinnamon stick et al. The items mentioned above are dry roasted in whole on a hot tawa until their aroma develops.

Non vegetearian food in Kolkata
Preparations of Kolkata Biryani

Once biryani mashala is prepared, rest items are prepared from fine quality basmati rice of the aged category that is least starchy and therefore less sticky as well. Use of white vegetable oil gives perfect aroma although ghee is also preferred. Ghee turns biryani heavy instead of special vegetable oil so it is preferably used in special Kolkata biryani recipes. Rose water is added by the Rose Essence ingredients to enhance further aroma. 

 Professional cooks add Keora Water in the Kolkata biryani to increase flavor of this special recipe. Ghee dallops; chicken legs; medium sized potatoes; big onions; garlic cloves; ginger; plain curd; red chilli powder; sugar pinch; warm milk; saffron pinch; salt and rice are all used in the required proportion to prepare the special biryani. By the time rest preparations complete the cook fries onions in oil for which nicely caramelized onion is used. 

Chicken pieces are slowly cooked with oil, spices, curd & chili powder and ginger garlic paste before mixing to give biryani its final stage. Big chunked potatoes are heated in pressure cooker till they get tendered to be used in biryani. Ten minutes cooking on low flame gives biryani its final stage before readied to serve. Kolkata’s biryani maintains uniqueness and remains an individualized choice for the great food retreat.

Uniqueness of Kolkata Biryani

Although it is easy to prepare Kolkata biryani but still cooking process is an entirely multitasking role to perform. While chicken/mutton is cooked one starts preparing rice to cook dish. Preparing biryanis is not an easy job as it requires great skill and expert knowledge. These biryanis are tasty. Use of saffron, ginger garlic paste, turmeric, rose water, Keora water along with other are very common. Further apart from use of chicken and mutton pieces, potatoes are also used to prepare biryanis in Kolkata which certianly adds to the uniqueness of this non vegetarian dish.

Famous Restaurants Serving Biryanis in Kolkata

Below is the list of famous restaurants in the Kolkata city that serve city’s special biryani recipe. These restaurants are great points for a food retreat in the eastern India where Bengali foods are usually popular but equally famous is this biryani recipe that makes it famous in this region.

Take out your time and book your date with some these restaurants. Counted among the best restaurants for serving tasty biryanis, they have everything to offer making them eligible as world class restaurant. They are known for its amazing ambience, varieties of food and the arrangements where people from day long work and engagements gather to make their evening special.

Address: 191, Park Street, (7 Point Crossing), kolkata-700 017
Phone: 033-8297/2284 8556/ 8558 4010
Email: [email protected]

Dhaka Biriyani House & Restaurant
Address: 220, A.P.C. Road, Bidhan Sarani, Bagbazar Street, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata (WB)
Contact No: +91 9903968616

Nizam's Restaurant
Address: 23/24, Hogg St, New Market, Dharmatala, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700087
Phone:098361 94669

Address: Park Circus Area
Lucknow Park Circus Area, Kolkata, India
7, Circus Avenue, Park Circus Area, Kolkata
Contact: 033 24414040 / +91 9339532688

Khaza Biryani House
Address: 7, Sadananda Road, Hazra, Kolkata (WB)
Contact No: +91 9748404921

New Shimla Biryani
Address: 377/2, G.T. Road, Balaitala Bazar, Shibpur, Howrah (WB)
Contact No: Not Available

A-1 Taj Biryani House
Address: 3/2 Azadgarh, N.S.C Bose Road, Tollygunge, Kolkata (WB)
Contact No: +91 9831506838

Address: 140/35, N.S.C. Bose Road, Near Malancha Cinema, Tollygunge, Kolkata
Phone : 033 32947442 / 033 24810546

Oudh 1590
Address: 23/B, Deshapriya Park W Road, Rashbehari Avenue, Lake Market, Manoharpukur, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026
Phone:033 6565 6551

Shiraz Golden Restaurant
Address: 135, Park Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata (WB)
Contact: +91-033-30990366

Jabbrr Afghani
Address: Sector 1, Salt Lake, DC 22, Near City Center, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata (WB)
Contact No: +91 9163555556

Zam Zam
Address: Park Circus Area, 9/1, Noor Ali Avenue, Entally, Park Circus Area, Kolkata (WB)
Contact No: +91-033-22846550; +91 9831106252

Kolkata is usually seen in the backdrop of Bengali foods but making a visit to above mentioned restaurants showcase how this city offers wonderful retreat through the Kolkata special biryani recipe. Food lovers enjoy great time eating cooked specially biryani in this region. Restaurants serving this biryani in Kolkata involve professionally trained cooks to maintain the individuality of this recipe. Eating this special biryani provides unique retreat in the Kolkata city.

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